Colorful Flowers
Classifications and Definitions



Division 1:      Trumpet

Division 2:       Large Cupped 

Division 3:       Small Cupped

Division 4:       Double

Division 5:       Triandrus

Division 6:       Cyclamineus

Division 7:       Jonquilla

Division 8:       Tazetta

Division 9:       Poeticus

Division 10:     Species, Wild Variants and Wild Hybrids

Division 11:     Split-Corona

Division 12:     Miscellaneous (All daffodils not falling into any other Division)


Group 1:         Single-flowered

Group 2:         Anenome-flowered  

Group 3:         Collarette

Group 4:         Waterlily-flowered

Group 5:         Decorative 

Group 6:         Ball

Group 7:         Pompom

Group 8:         Cactus

Group 9:         Semi Cactus

Group 10:       Miscellaneous

Group 11:       Fimbriated

Group 12:       Star (Single orchid)

Group 13:       Double Orchid

Group 14:       Paeony

Group 15:       Stellar

The following groups are subdivided for show purposes as follows:-

Group        Descriptive Size                                          Dimensions

4,5,8,9        Giant,over                                                     260 mm

                    Large,between                                             220 - 260 mm

                    Medium,between                                         170 - 220 mm

                    Small,between                                             115 - 170 mm

                    Miniature and Miniature Ball not exceeding 115 mm

  6                Small Ball between                                      115 - 170 mm

  7                Pompons must not exceed                          52 mm diameter


Annual        A plant which grows from seed and naturally and ordinarily flowers, and dies within 12                     months.

Biennial      A plant which grows from seed and ordinarily requires 2 seasons to complete its life-                       cycle


Cultivar       A cultivated variety.


Kind            A term used in classification of flowers, fruits and vegetables, e.g. Chrysanthemums,                       phloxes and roses are kinds of flowers, etc.


Dish            A specified number or quantity of a fruit or vegetable which may be displayed on a                           table, or stand or receptacle of any shape. Unless otherwise specified a dish must                           consist of one cultivar only.


Perennial    A plant which lives for more than 2 years,


Vase           A vessel for displaying cut flowers in water and having a greater height than the                               width-measurement of its mouth. Unless otherwise required or permitted by the                               schedule a vase may contain only one cultivar.


Floral Art    An exhibit is defined as natural plant material with or without accessories contained Sections     within a space.

                   Spaces of 61 Omm (24") wide and 457mm (18") wide by 483mm (19") deep are                               allocated. All sizes are approximate.

Vase and    All exhibits will be judged for an all-round effect.



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